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Research Projects

Projects with Industry
Cell Scaffolds synthesis, Yazd university, (Yazd, Iran), 2015
preparation of nano-filters for water purification, Alborz rosoob pad company, (Tehran, Iran), 2015
Preparation of Nano-bio-active compounds, Private Company, (Isfahan, Iran), (2015).
Construction of antimicrobial nano-filters, Private Company, (Isfahan, Iran), (2015).
Design and manufacturing of thermal insulation using nanotechnology in the Isfahan plant, Isfahan Regional Electric Company, (Isfahan, Iran), (2014).
Chemical analysis of 15 samples with unknown composition and a method for their elimination, Parent company specialized production and the development, (Isfahan, Iran), (2013).
Manufacturing 5 polymer layer, Air Industry, (Isfahan, Iran), (2013).
The investigation of using nanotechnology in gas industry and obtain priority, Isfahan Province Gas Company, (Isfahan, Iran), (2012).
Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite CNT-FeCr2O4, Islamic Azad University (Dorud branch, Iran) (2011).
Design and fabrication Clark sensor for oxygen, College of Engineering Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, (Isfahan, Iran), (2011).
Service of mercaptane gas sensor in iron line construction, Mobarakeh Steel Complex (Isfahan, Iran), (2011).
Service of Automatic Electro-analyzer system for determination of Cr thickness in galvanized plate, Mobarakeh Steel Complex (Isfahan, Iran), (2011).
Elimination of base on the production of galvanized plate line, Mobarakeh Steel Complex (Isfahan, Iran), (2011).
Atomized potentiometric titration of Fe in central laboratory, Mobarakeh Steel Complex (Isfahan, Iran), (2010).
Service of gas calorimeter (5135 model, MITIKA, Japan), Mobarakeh Steel Complex (Isfahan, Iran), (2009).
Modification on the annealing process, Mobarakeh Steel Company (Isfahan, Iran), (2008).
University Research
Antibacterial Nanocomposite

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی